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International summer courses


By combining the practice of French with thematic curriculum, our international summer courses (CIE) offer a unique immersion into French culture amongside students from all over the world. 

Session 1 :  June 11  - June 29, 2018 included
Session 2 : July 2 - July 20, 2018 included

Classes are conducted by professors of carré international with an experience of teaching French as a Foreign Language.

Mornings are dedicated to the practice of language with 45 hours of oral and written communication, reinforcement of grammatical structure, vocabulary enrichment and oral practice in an audio lab.

For the afternoons, students can choose one of the thematic tracks which all include 30h of lectures and site visits:

- Culture & heritage: Beginner level | Intermediate level (session 1 and/or 2),
- The Battle of Normandy (session 1 - Fr and Eng)
- French cinema (session 1 - B1 level of French minimum requirement)
- FFL Didactics(session 1 - B1 level of French minimum requirement)
- Peace and Human Rights (session 2 - B1 level of French minimum requirement)

Students can also choose an alternative non-academic program of cultural, sport and leisures activities:
"Leisure & visits" program (30 hrs) - session 2


  1. Sessions 1 & 2 : attendance certificate (with grades) delivered to students each session.
  2. Optional DELF and DALF exams (A1 to C1) - on registration
The DELF/DALF is an official French-language diploma awarded by the Ministry of Education which evaluates the 4 compentences : oral and written comprehension and oral and written productions. 
Informations on :

Fee-paying registration (€95) to be made upon CIE registration.

Exams only open if a sufficient number of participants is reached for each level.

    Online registration :Registrations for 2018 are now closed.

  • Candidates' profile
The program is  open to anyone over 18*, without qualification pre-requisites and/or prior level of French  (except for the "French cinema", "FFL didactics"  and "Peace and human rights" modules that require at the minimum a completed B1 level).

* for specific request, please contact us on :
  • Tuition fees
- "Culture & heritage" track (session 1 and/or 2) = €820 (75 hrs)
- "The battle of Normandy" track (session 1) = €820 (75 hrs)
- "French cinema" track (session 1) = 820 (75 hrs)
- "French didactic" track (session 1) = 820 (75 hrs)

- "Peace & human rights" track (session 2) = €820 (75 hrs)

-" Leisure & visits" program (session 2) = €820 (75 hrs)
  • Registration
Online registrations starting January 11, 2018.
Registration and payment deadline :
- Registration to session 1 extended until May 18th, 2018
- May 31, 2018 for session 2

During the online pre registration, you will need to download a copy of your passport and a color passport size picture.

A family accommodation form will be sent to you, if required. You will have to send it to us by email with some photos.

Once registered, you will receive by email a payment summary. The payment of the tuition, housing and DELF/DALF fees (according to your choices) will be required in full. To be paid before the registration deadline.

Payment options
- bank transfer (proof of transfer will be required)
- credit card
- bank cheque in euro.

Housing & meals

  • Housing
Carré international provides two types of housing:
  1. University residence: €277 per session (€511 for 2 sessions);
  2. Host family (half-board) : €485 per session (€945 for 2 sessions).
These rates include a €25 reservation fee.

For these two types of accommodation, cost includes 2 extra nights:
- the night before the beginning of the session
- the night after the end of the session (departure before noon on the Saturday)
For students enrolled in the two sessions, transition nights are included in the amount.
  • Meals
The University restaurant is located 5 minutes from the classrooms.
Average meal costs €5,95.

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Last update : June 25, 2018

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