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Online registrations for 2nd semester 2018/19


Program's description

Semester-long degree programs opening right to UniCaen student’s status and based on learning and deepening of French language, organized around 12 weeks in class (216 contact hours) and 1 week of mandatory final exams.

The University Diplomas of French Studies (DUEF) are:

Please note: to register for an additional semester, admission to DUEF B2 requires that student passed he previous semesterthe the DUEF B1+ or the DUEF B1 with a general average grade over 14/20.

Starting at DUEF B2, choice between two courses of studies**:
  • Language and culture: develops oral and written skills around themes and objects related to teachings combining language and culture lessons.
  • French for University purposes: develops the control of the language processes used in interdisciplinary and intra-disciplinary discourses of French higher education.
* only open in case of a sufficient number of candidates
** in case of an insufficient number of candidates in one of the two options, only the most requested one will be opened

Registration information

  • Dates
SM1: Aug. 28 - Dec. 20, 2018 included
SM2: Jan. 15 - May 10, 2019 included
  • Tuition fees
€1350 per semester

Students will also have to pay the University registration fee and a student social fee when applicable (reform in progress - amounts to be specified soon).

  • Registration
Online pre-registration starting February 14th, 2018

Registration deadlines:
SM1: June 22, 2018
SM2: November 11, 2018

DUEF are open to anyone over 18 holding a diploma or a title equivalent to the French Baccalauréat (French high school diploma).

A university pre-admission certificate is sometimes necessary to obtain a long-term visa only delivered along with a full-year DUEF registration.
DUEF training last more than 3 months and requires a long-term student visa.
  • French proficiency
Registered students must justify of their French proficiency (DELF/DALF, TCF, TEF) on registration or take the on-line placement test provided by Carré International. They will be evaluated again on arrival in Caen for a final placement in the proper level of training.
Depending of the contry of origin, candidates might be required to officilally certified their language profeciency to request the student visa (DELF/DALF, TCF, TEF...).


Students registered for a DUEF have the possibility to request housing with Carré International.
Beware! Housing placement depends on rooms’ availability and payment delay. It is therefore not systematic.
Housing requests must be made when pre-registering on-line for the DUEF by selecting “YES” in the “Do you need an accommodation” section.
The office of mobility logistics of Carré International will process the request and will provide the detailed procedure.
For any question, please contact :
  • Furnished room in university residence
University residences are co-ed and reserved to students under 30. They are located on different campuses in Caen and suburbs , and are all accessible by a direct tramway line from any of the 5 Caen campuses (tram in work in 2018/2019).
A flat-rate is applied for each semester or for the whole academic year. It varies depending on the residence and/or the room type:
• single rooms, appr. 9 m2 with washbasin (common toilets and showers on each floor).
• single renovated rooms with washbasin, shower, toilet and wired or wireless internet.

Rooms are allocated from August 28th 2018 to January 4th, 2019 for SM1
and January 7th to May 31st for SM2.

Rates are € 1,182 euros for 1 semester and  € 2,364 for one academic year.
However, students cannot choose the place at their convenience; rooms are assigned based on availability.
The current rates and detailed procedures will be communicated once the housing request has been processed.

A €25 reservation fee is charged for each booking.

Beware! No early arrival possible, unless prior specific authorization by the Office of Mobility Logistics.
  • Furnished room with a French family
To live à la française, to fully participate to the daily life of a French family, to actively practice the French language, we recommend this type of accommodation.
Carré international collaborates with Association Caennaise d’Accueil Universitaire (ACAU) for the placement of students in local host families.
This homestay option is available starting €420 per month, for room and breakfast. For any question, please contact

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DUEF Office (Li 122)
Information about university housing

+33 (0)2 31 56 59 61

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday : 9h-11h30
Friday : 9h - 11h30


DUEF leaflet [PDF-1,16Mo]
DUEF student handbook [PDF-2,18Mo]
Registration General Terms [PDF-38 Ko]
DUEF Syllabi [PDF-780Ko]
DUEF study guide (FR)


Language training catalog (FR) [PDF-4,5 Mo]

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